Our Mission 

SHENC is a 501c3 non-profit organization that strives to create opportunities through education, exposure and experience for women in North Carolina. Our goal is to support, honor, and empower women to create their new level of success by providing an array of offerings that promote both personal and professional growth..

Our Focus 

Addressing Women's Career Needs

The expertise of SHE NC program presenters help empower attendees to set tangible goals for their own companies or careers and get ideas for how to go about attaining those goals. Educational workshops span goal-setting, marketing strategies, branding, leadership development and more. While SHE NC scholarships will provide a needed educational boost to recipients. 

Volunteerism as a Learning Opportunity

We offer opportunities through volunteerism, working as part of one of our committees which report to Board members.  This model provides ample opportunities for members and participants to gather experience to help transition into a career focus area.

Making an Immediate Impact

SHE NC events allow participants to draw upon the expertise of each other to gain valuable insight into building successful careers and businesses and contributing to each other and the surrounding community in a powerful way. At SHE NC events, women exchange information, share advice and encouragement, offer inspiration, mentor, and expand business possibilities.   All SHE NC programs offer our members exposure to companies, executives, and endorsements for our members career areas.


Naglaa Sockar


Naglaa Sockar, a natural people leader, self-motivated, results oriented individual with keen sense of responsibility and accomplishment. She enjoys playing an active role in leadership, mentorship, coaching and human & professional development . She genuinely believes in creating safe forums for every engagement to foster true human connection, meaningful support,  genuine empowerment, and to always have fun as a team!

Naglaa currently serves as an Enterprise Services Manager at Cisco Systems. Prior to the current role, she served in a number of strategic business management roles within Cisco Systems including Sales Account Management, Customer Operations Management, Service and Support Management, Senior Leadership Team Program Manager (Global Services Senior VP’s Chief of Staff Team), and Business Transformation & Development management.

Olivia Nadasan

Vice President

Olivia Nadasan is Senior Finance Transformation Lead, with professional experience across different geographies and with a strong combination of Finance, Sales Operations & Process Improvement expertise.

Giving back to the community is one of her greatest passions. She loves to support the career development and growth for women and young professionals. During her assignments in Europe, she supported the newly build Cisco site in Krakow as Career Development Site Lead, enabling different Development Programs for 1000+ employees and becoming a key player in supporting Cisco Poland win the ‘Best place to work’ Award for companies with over 500 employees.

Pamela Melton

Director of Marketing and Communications


Pam Melton is an accomplished recruiter with strong project management and software implementation experience.  She has worked extensively within Recruitment, HR and training, and has worked closely with organizations to develop and implement recruitment applicant tracking systems.

·      15 years recruitment and HR experience
·      Level 2 in Psychometric testing
·      Hard working mom of three kids and grandma to a gorgeous grandson

I absolutely believe that everyone has the right to be developed and grown to their full potential.  They should be valued and appreciated and what better way to do this than by being a part of SHE NC, and actively having a hand in bringing out the very best of people?  I am so grateful to be a part of this community, working alongside such talented and passionate women.

Lori Welsh

Director for Development Programs and Treasury

Professional Development Lead

Lori is an ambitious and supportive leader that prides herself on being able to build and maintain strong working relationships, both personally and professionally.  Her passions include spending time with her family and contributing to the development of other women in all areas of life.  Her professional experience spans over 18 years in finance and accounting that has led to her current position as Finance Director at Jones Lang LaSalle, Inc.

Katey Regan

Director for Partnerships 

Connecting people and ideas is the underlying passion that drives Katey to do what she does best, developing highly functional and thriving communities and teams. As a Public Relations leader this role provides an opportunity for Katey to create a plethora of development opportunities for a group of like-minded professional women in RTP.

Starting as an entrepreneur in retail and interior design at an early age enhanced the vision required to recognize the right set of circumstances to thrive in any situation. Katey created her own opportunities to integrate with the business community and leaders to develop herself and to connect with life changing associations. Katey recognized that becoming a member of Chambers of Commerce, Historical societies, and various Women’s Business Networks was invaluable in her development and is driven to share and help create the same opportunities for women for this network.

Contact our team at she.nc.connect@gmail.com

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